Base URL https://api.nationilund.se

Get events for a specific date, or the week/month that date occurs.



By default, the API will filter out events not hosted by a nation.

In order to retrieve the unfiltered data from Studentlund: pass the all query parameter with a non-empty value.


A JSON list of event objects.

        id                string
        summary           string
        description       string
        url               string
        image_url         string
        location          string

        organizer {
            name          string
            email         string

        date {
            start         date string (RFC3339)
            end           date string (RFC3339)
            last_updated  date string (RFC3339)


In case of errors the API response will have one of the following status codes.

Status code Description
400 Date was incorrectly formatted.
429 Rate limit exceeded.
503 Internal fetching of data failed.

Deprecated endpoints

These still work, but are unsupported and might be removed at any time.

Get events for today, this week or this month.

GET /day
GET /week
GET /month